Section 1. Introductory Provisions

1.1 The given document shall be referred to as “SERMs Sale Policy” or “Sale Policy” throughout the text and constitutes the “Supplemental Document” to SERMLY Terms and Conditions as laid down in Section 2 of SERMLY Terms and Conditions.

1.2 The Sale Policy uses notions with the meanings and constructions as defined in Section 2 of SERMLY Terms and Conditions unless the Sale Policy dictates otherwise.

1.3 The Sale Policy stipulates rules and principles SERMLY Product Owner undertakes to reasonably accomplish when offering SERMs for sale, selling SERMs, protecting SERMs holders, blocking some Users from purchasing SERMs, and cancelling purchase of SERMs.

1.4 Rules and principles set forth herein ascertain essential rights and obligations applying to the Users in terms of purchasing, possessing SERMs, protecting SERMs holders, blocking some Users from purchasing SERMs, and cancelling purchase of SERMs, therefore, each User consents and obligates to dedicate enough time to familiarizing itself with the Sale Policy.

1.5 The Users accept that by purchasing and possessing SERMs, the Users agree to be bound by provisions of the Sale Policy.

Section 2. Offer to Sell SERMs

2.1 The offer to sell SERMs shall be published only on the Website and the Users should avoid any other offers to sell SERMs released on any other platforms and websites since they will not be binding upon the Product Owner.

2.2 The maximum number of SERMs offered for sale shall constitute 10,000,000.

2.3 The maximum sum which is sought to be obtained by way of selling SERMs as inside currency for service payments shall be $3,000,000 in a dollar equivalent.

2.4 The User accepts the offer to purchase SERMs by following a designated for this purpose link on the Website and/or Account or clicking on the respective icon on the Website and/or Account. After communicating its intent to purchase a certain number SERMs to the Product Owner, the User shall be obliged to pay for the number of SERMs chosen by the User which renders the User’s final acceptance of the Product Owner’s offer to sell SERMs.

Section 3. Conditions of the Offer to Sell SERMs

3.1 Periods and rounds of selling SERMs, discounts and bounties, if any, shall be laid down in the Whitepaper and on the Website.

3.2 The price of one SERM is stipulated in US Dollars and equals $0,5.

3.3 The payment for SERMs shall be made by the Users in currencies released on the Website, namely, including but not limited to, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ethereum CLS, Waves, Weur, fiat currencies. The Product Owner reserves the right to extend the list of acceptable currencies or delete certain currencies from the list of currencies acceptable for purchase of SERMs.

3.4 In order to purchase SERMs, the Users shall utilize their wallets in cryptocurrency or any other payment means as prescribed and allowed by the Product Owner on the Account and/or Website.

3.5 Purchase of SERMs shall only be available during a certain sale period as specified on the Website. The Users must not transfer funds to purchase SERMs beyond the sale periods and if transferred, the Product Owner shall not be obligated to send the funds back to such User.

3.6 The number of SERMs purchased by the User and any other details pertaining to the purchase, will be displayed on the Account held by the User.

3.7 Purchase of SERMs is not subject to any refunds, chargebacks, cancellations or any other compensations which may be conferred upon the User by the laws of its country of residence.

Section 4. Treatment of Sums Received by the Product Owner

4.1 The sums obtained by the Product Owner from the Users by way of selling SERMs, shall solely be considered to be the sums obtained from sale of software services. SERMs are intended to provide the Users access to the online search engine reputation management software based on the automatic negative detection algorithms, automatic management reputation system and other features.

Section 5. Obligations and Risks Assumed by the Users

5.1 Users represent to the Product Owner that the funds used to purchase SERMs do not derive from unlawful sources such as misappropriation, abuse of powers, commission of crimes, and that purchase of SERMs is not used to facilitate unlawful activities.

5.2 Users may be required by the Product Owner and/or any payment processor, financial institution processing the transaction to submit a proof which allows to determine the lawfulness of the funds for which SERMs were purchased.

5.3 Users accept and agree that participation in SERMs sale-purchase is provided on “as is”, “as available” and “with all faults and errors” basis. The Users assume and accept all and any possible risks, losses, damages and liability related with purchase, further possession and use of SERMs, encompassing loss of access to the Account, loss of the User’s profile information, technical and programming weaknesses, instability, insufficient testing and incompleteness of the blockchain system, cryptocurrency market volatility and fluctuations, tampering of the mining platform, but not exclusively.

5.4 Being an online search engine reputation management software at its early stage of development, SERMLY may turn out to be ineffective, may contain errors, technical glitches, drawbacks, possible harmful software and untested or not fully tested programming components, misconnections, transmission delays and faults or not fit a particular purpose.

Section 6. Eligibility to Purchase SERMs

6.1 Citizens and residents of People’s Republic of China, Singapore and United States, Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands and any other possessions and territories controlled by the United States , are restricted to purchase SERMs. The foregoing restriction also applies to persons who may, by virtue of the United States Internal Revenue Code and other tax regulations, be considered tax residents of the United States and the aforementioned territories. If You are acting on behalf of an entity, you represent and warrant to Us that none of the owners of such entity are or may be deemed to be citizens or residents of People’s Republic of China, Singapore, United States and possessions and territories controlled by the United States, including but not limited to, Puerto Rico and United States Virgin Islands. Should Your eligibility criteria be affected or change which may result in Your being qualified as a citizen or resident of People’s Republic of China, Singapore, United States, Puerto Rico, United States Virgin Islands and any other possessions and territories controlled by the United States, You should notify Us as soon as possible. If You fail to notify Us of Your possible status change hereunder, SERMLY may refuse to sell You SERMs, cancel any purchase of SERMs made previously by You without the obligation to refund the purchase.

6.2 By purchasing, possessing and using SERMs, You assure Us that:

6.2.1 You, to the best of Your knowledge and according to Your awareness, do not and may not fall into the categories of persons stipulated in Section 6.1 so that those restrictions do not extend to You;

6.2.2 You have attained the age of majority allowing You to buy, possess and use SERMs as stipulated by the Sale Policy;

6.2.3 You possess knowledge, skills, expertise and awareness to deal with digital products being issued by SERMLY, cryptocurrencies, ICO- and blockchain-related projects and products allowing You to assume all possible risks, fluctuations, losses, damages, failures, whether predictable or unpredictable, which may arise out of your decisions to purchase, possess and use SERMs;

6.2.4 in case You are acting on behalf of an entity, You are authorized, by virtue of law or an appropriate contractual instrument, to bind such entity to the Sale Policy;

6.2.5 You will not purchase, possess and use SERMs for any illicit activities, whether in accordance with laws of Your country, or any other country;

6.2.6 You are not, in pursuance of the laws of Your country of residence, prevented from purchasing, possessing and using SERMs.

Section 7. Disclaimer of Warranties and Limitation of Liability

7.1 Users accept and agree that SERMs are provided on “as is”, “as available” and “with all faults and errors” basis. The Users assume and accept all and any possible risks, losses, damages and liability related with purchase, further possession and usage of SERMs.

7.2 SERMLY Product Owner, SERMLY Team and Related Persons do not assume any liability and shall not be liable for any losses, damages, lost profits, reputation damages, damages to materials, equipment, information, software possessed by the Users, arising out of the purchase of SERMs, further possession, usage and exchange of SERMs for any other cryptocurrency or fiat currency, cryptocurrencies volatility and fluctuations, depreciation of SERMs, but not exclusively, of any nature whatsoever, whether such losses or damages are direct, indirect, punitive, consequential, incidental, exemplary, special or of any other nature and qualification as may be laid down in any particular jurisdiction of which the Product Owner and/or Users are regarded to be residents or citizens.

7.3 Purchase, further possession and use of SERMs may incur certain financial and legal risks accrued to them and the Users are strongly encouraged to turn to professional financial consultants, accountants, and legal experts specializing in ICO-related matters, and in handling of legal consequences of purchase, further possession and use of cryptocurrency and digital products bearing similarity and likelihood to SERMs, considering the Sale Policy, Terms, SERMLY Whitepaper, Supplemental Documents and other materials and information which may be published by the Product Owner.

7.4 The Product Owner and Related Persons do not and will not refund or in any other way compensate Users for purchase of SERMs or losses incurred by the Users in connection therewith, whether due to the User’s dissatisfaction with SERMLY, unsuitability of SERMLY and/or the Website, disagreement with SERMLY Product Owner, unsuccessful launch of SERMLY, unexpected development or termination of SERMLY project, without limitation to the foregoing.

7.5 SERMs are unregulated digital products and therefore, SERMLY Product Owner and Related Persons shall not be liable to comply with any regulatory statutes and regimes applying to issue and sale of securities, financial institutions, insurance companies or stock exchanges. SERMLY shall not be deemed to render investment or financial advice to the Users and any statements coming out from the Product Owner or Related Persons with regard to benefits or privileges deriving from SERMs should not be relied upon by the Users since such statements may express only assumptions and strivings desired to be accomplished. Hence, no data published and made available by the Product Owner are meant to be considered a basis for the purposes of investment or financial analysis and projections.

7.6 SERMLY Product Owner does not and will not warrant to the Users that SERMs will be capable of being exchanged for other cryptocurrencies and/or fiat currencies and that SERMLY Product Owner will facilitate such exchange.

7.7 Purchase, possession and use of SERMs do not result in investment, agency or partnership relationships, employment between the User and the Product Owner.

Section 8. Amendments and Requests

8.1 The Product Owner may amend and update provisions of the Sale Policy from time to time, without having to notify the Users prior to such amendment or update. Users obligate to keep track of the latest version of the Sale Policy and will be considered to have consented to its latest version in case of continued usage of SERMLY, Website and possession of SERMs.

8.2 Should You have any queries or concerns respecting the Sale Policy, You are encouraged to reach Us via the form accessible on SERMLY Website.

Copyright Notice: Text of the Sale Policy is protected by copyright laws and its unauthorized use and copying is not allowed unless the Product Owner’s prior written consent has been given.